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Protect yourself

Posted by Ashish Patel CPA on March 2, 2017 at 1:30 PM

Protect yourself against the Fraudulent Emails and Phone Calls

Canadians have reported receiving fraudulent emails and phone calls to CRA. The CRA has warned Canadian tax payers regarding these communications. It becomes an important restraint for the Canadians not to get jester.

Communication methods used by Falsified

• Telephone

• Letter

• Emails

• Text messages

• Online refund forms

In one of the cases, a Canadian received phone call in the middle of the afternoon. The man on the other end said “This is Officer Carl Cooper and you have reach tax crime”. He kept asking for the credit card number or bank details. The Canadian was told that he owes $2000 and if the matter is not resolved on the phone, the police would come knocking in half an hour. The caller also said if he didn’t comply, all of his assets including his bank account would be frozen for 3 months.

In other case, a Canadian received text message asking to follow the link and settle up the CRA owing. These kinds of links lead to virus. People on the other-end, can receive all the information from your Cell phones and start playing with you threatening games.

CRA’s website has a very decent article about these scams. There are few ways Canadian can protect them.

Things to remember about what CRA do not do.

• Send an email or text message with the link asking for personal or financial information without any communication

• Request payments by pre-paid credit cards; CRA prefers online banking

• Provide taxpayer information to anyone else unless formal authorization is provided

• Leave personal information in voice message

If you are a victim

• You should report to –

o The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online

o By calling 1-888-495-8501

• If you already have given your personal or financial information in error, contact your local police

• If your social insurance number is stolen, contact Service Canada

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-Nirali Dalal, CPA, CMA (March 1, 2017)