Ashish Patel Professional Corporation

  Accountants and Tax Planners


We provide timely guidance and aggressive services at competitive fees to our clients. Our clientele comprises a broad spectrum of Canada's economic community, individuals and corporate businesses. We put our professional experience and knowledge at your disposal by developing an ongoing dialogue with our clients to keep them informed of their personal financial goals and their business activities, as well as events that may impact their future financial plans. We become an integral part of our client's team to increase value to them by making detailed recommendations on ways to minimize taxes, simplify accounting procedures, streamline operations and increase profitability.


Whatever your tax planning needs we ill endeavor to find a tax saving scheme to suit your circumstances so make sure you contact us, especially as there may be more specific tax planning tips and tax advice available for your business sector.


With a good bookkeeping service, you will be able to get your financial matters organized in the most perfect way. The professional bookkeepers have the required competency, skills and the expertise for managing the finances of a company. You should get a bookkeeping service from a professional who is of good quality and is appointed by a reputed firm like us.


We ensure that your business needs are met on time, every time, helping you to streamline your payroll process. Improving productivity and simplify administration allows your staff to concentrate on your core business. We provide small business and corporate services that will improve payroll management for employers. We manage the time-consuming tasks of pay processing so you can focus on more important issues, your business.